When in the mood for writing, and I mean really feeling good all over and mentally accepting of the possibilities, writing is quicker operation on the keyboard. I affirm this now with each tap. The pen and page do hold the delicate beauty of hands attaining experience as to the planing and turning of Walcott’s Laurier-Cannelle, the scribe’s subversive Marxist ecstasy of knowing his materials and owning his own production. However this runs closer to the archaic side of textual artifice.

Writing in real or practical terms- technical, measured and critical- happens more frequently on a keyboard as a result of habit and demand. The challenge may be to apply a sense and transposition of the craft, of the chaos, the praxis of poesis onto keyboard application. The poetry, the mind mapping onto words with intuition needs to transition for the first time onto digital domains.

The joy, the pastoral pressing and frantic free mind zealousness can be made with the flicker and flack of keys crackling in their sockets, but with an earnest sense that we are now in the multi purpose mode of our lives, ignoring the terra firma blinkers of standard hardware functions. The keyboard is both ruler and rune, and everything a penknife or shooting stick. Nothing a single purpose piece of artifice or operation in itself, but just a plastic maker of makers for the human maker. Of the tool for producing possibilities, the keyboard is nothing in itself, but a hollow contraption for creation, brought to life by the overcoming the shuddering parallel of chip, transistor and code with living, loving spree of the crazy-wise mind.

Sean Connery