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It’s like, what library hasn’t a shred of
Maximus Poems, Europe of Trusts, Flow Chart, Mandelson! Mandelson!

Yet spilling from stacks and stores are bars and bars
in Times but with a border around them
Davis, Adderley, Coltrane

Nothing in italics we know the riddle’s been compromised
only decipherable in Worldcat, JSTOR, Elsevier

Now settle for less in another setting,

I ate a carton of rice and chicken from a street vendor
outside the Bobst.



The commercial crucible of the middle east. An anonymous terminal, the fractal mooorish imagery which dances in front of the eyes. The competition to pick out the perfect song, the most incredible influences, the whole and nothing but the moment.

Live with me, loan-sharks of the pavement, make all things credible to the mind’s eye and the singsong dance of love. Create these moments, initiate the charge, concretize the sonorous song of the leadbelly locusts who ring it up in the centre of suburbia. Loansharks be insistent to me, pack up your belongings and wheel them into the horizon, close your eyes, you’re not there yet.

We’ve been to San Francisco, we didn’t like the colonoscopy there. We’ve been to River Creek and John Updike’s house, it only smells of loansharks. We’ve been to Bahrain, settled in Sudan, crossed swords in Croatia but all along the ramparts there were lights on the future high lines, horizons into the curvature bringing it all down to one thing- There’s somewhere else to be being in.

Outside of this, the sedentary world shambles on, cloaking itself for future moments of the racket sport of climate creation. Keep up, you sodden rats, be clear and make the journey up and out seem the diamond of your pursuits. Since when did looming and roaming and shifting and mawing become the face of peace?

He who moves with his home in his house falls flat. He who likens the sky to a cottage makes a credo of his blisters. He who presses fire into the rodent teeth of his neighbor, cascading the shuddering spine into whipped exertion. Make the move, but he who moves has been moved. He who displaces is displaced. He who bullies makes the bully of his home. 

Keep it all to yourself, it’s tomorrow somewhere else in Hong Kong. It’s exhausting in other places too, not just in the heady limelights of the boozer. Keep up keep up keep up, the pressure’s immense, it turns quickly, it’s sailing hence.